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U.S.S. Potemkin - NCC-1711

Set a few years after Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, this exciting fan film series takes place aboard the starship Potemkin, an up-rated Constitution III-class heavy cruiser. It's on a five-year mission of exploration in deep space where its crew encounters strange new worlds while seeking out new life forms and new civilizations. The Potemkin is an older ship, one of the original twelve. She's been refitted a few times, but she's one of the last of her kind. Its captain, a forty-year veteran of Starfleet, has a unique crew, mostly comprised of inexperienced officers, the occasional cast off from another ship, and a feisty chief medical officer.

Our episodes focus on science fiction as well as action-adventure, humor and drama. Each production varies in its length; we don't restrict ourselves by following a typical four-act television format. Instead, our writers think outside the box. We've produced many vignettes (ranging from 6 to 15 mins), a half-hour episode, and even a full-length episode. Filming takes place in various locations in Southwest Georgia in order to take advantage of the wide variety of unique locations throughout the region. In addition to the studio we've built in Albany, Georgia, we've filmed on a river front in Lee County, in the historic Radium Springs Gardens in Dougherty County, in downtown Americus, and we're looking at other exciting, unique locations throughout the region.

All of this helps make Project: Potemkin a unique Star Trek fan film series!

Star Trek ~ Project: Potemkin "Holding Pattern" S03-A Now On-Line!

Now On-Line for Your Entertainment:

Till death do us part... Ensign T'Noshi awakens in a strange bed, in a strange house, on a strange, rainy world. Strangest of all is the man sleeping beside her. A man who claims to be her husband. Sometimes dying is harder than one would think...

Starring Jeffrey Green, Aaron Renfroe and Christin Woods. Written by David Eversole. Directed by Randall Landers. Edited by Randall Landers. VFX by Chris Cameron and Randall Landers. Music by Tony Lunn. Co-Executive Producer: Rick Foxx. Web Series Creator/Executive Producer: Randall Landers.

Running time: 12 mins 13 sec

Star Trek ~ Project: Potemkin "Holding Pattern" S03-A from Project: Potemkin on Vimeo.

We hope you enjoy this production! Be sure and like us on Facebook at: The Official Project Potemkin Facebook Page and for daily updates and behind-the-scenes info, join The Official Project Potemkin Facebook Group. And remember, you can always see all our episodes and vignettes on-line at The Official Project Potemkin YouTube Channel. Just always be sure and select the highest available resolution for the best viewing results!

Our next release, "Unspoken," is scheduled for on or about December 7th!

Changes in the Future for Project: Potemkin

We have a LOT going on:

My wife has accepted a lucrative job offer for a position as a senior chemical engineer in Birmingham, Alabama. As reported elsewhere, we will be moving the production. However, we will shoot two more vignettes and part of another here in Albany before we move the bridge and ready room.

In December, we hope to shoot "Inquiry," and in January, we hope to shoot "Endings" and the bridge scenes for "Callie."

Upon completion of the January shoot, all sets will be struck and relocated to Birmingham at our earliest convenience.

At some point, the "beach house" scenes for "Callie" will be shot here in Albany, and that will conclude the filming for Project: Potemkin.

It's been a wonderful run, and a great series, and we would rather keep it going. But logistically, it's impractical to maintain a studio here in Albany and a production office in Birmingham. We're going to miss everyone, but we're also looking forward to this new opportunity in Birmingham.

To that end, we have begun pre-production on two new series, Starship Deimos and Starship Tristan, which will be filmed in the Birmingham/Hoover area. Shooting will be scheduled 4X per year for each production. We also intend to continue our Battlecruiser Kupok series with annual releases, and we intend to release one additional film per year involving other starships (and casts and crews). Folks interested in a role in these productions (either cast or crew) should contact me privately at their earliest convenience.

Fans of Potemkin should be delighted in the coming year as we have 14 productions in the queue to complete before our series finale, many of which are among the best episodes we've produced. In addition, Tony Lunn is working on developing a Potemkin-centered audio drama to run concurrently with our third and fourth seasons, so Potemkin fans will have plenty of material to enjoy in the coming year and a half.

Lastly, Project: Potemkin will be at Farragut Fest, December 6th & 7th 2014!

Visit their website at:

We will be hosting at table at the event, taking donations for our move to Birmingham, distributing DVDs, hosting a panel or two, and generally having a good time with other fans, spreading the word about Project: Potemkin. We will also be showing our entire second season in the film room, and as a special event, we will be releasing our next episode, "Unspoken" at the convention at a special screening!

We hope to see you there!

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